The Allergy EP

by Jonathan Pape

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released April 17, 2006



all rights reserved


Jonathan Pape Boston, Massachusetts

Occasionally the real world pulls you away from the things that you love; but sometimes, you're reminded that you can come back. I use to be in a band called The Jupiter Project, and then I was in License, then I went toe-to-toe with Giant Battle Wombat and most recently I tried to keep up with the Paper Snakes. ... more

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Track Name: Cowboys
When we were after cinematic
We'd roll the windows done
We'd let the air strike our faces
Nothing could slow us down
We never had a first class adventure
Thank God Tommy was around
He'd race us all across the city
Rubber never saw the ground

If our city was a tabloid
Then we could be the cowboys
I thought we were

Basement door opens at midnight
There's Tim with cigarettes under a street light
I don't know where we're going tonight
but the bag in his pocket means I'll be fine
So we meet them later in a parking lot
They're armed and ready but I'm not
I could head home and forget what I saw
But nothing's going to keep me from coming along


If good was only in my imagination
I would have stayed out of that car
My brother's hanging out the window
He's shooting at parked cars
Then suddenly there's a light behind us
The Blue and white of a cop car
He gets us out he says he knows us
Did we start the fire in the park?

No...No...No... How did you know?
I tired to avoid it, But I never really liked it
We always got caught

Less than 12 hours
To clean the mess we caused
We'd better hurry before the real law
Wakes up and we're done for

Track Name: Chocolates and Hurricanes
Oh please let this be one easy night
I don't want to be a knot without a name
As I watch this weeks God go by, I hope that I keep my sight
And I stay away from Chocolate and Hurricanes

My lovely city has kept me here without complaint
A double fantasy-almost a blend of real and mundane
With a pounding heartbeat, incident and distain
They're a bundle of reasons to runaway with every new age

But don't be surprised when I'm not around
The miles I want-they're just not allowed
When I sneak off without a sound
Don't be surprised when I'm not around

This is stuck on 'what now?'
This is stuck on 'just how?'
All I want is 'right now'
But we're stuck on "what now?"

This is the sound of fond before it's colored and thought out
A favorite habit-oh obviously there isn't any doubt
But when you look up at the one's who wrote the rules
Will they notice you and wave you, wave you through
Track Name: Three Good Men
What if I turn out to be him
The guy who ran out of sentiment stories and sin
Will I end up a fray, a mark or a crumb?
Joining the list of what's never been done
No love is good enough, a watered down bunch
Fruit ready to harvest but not for my lunch
Too many questions and nothing gets done
What if I turn out to be...

Will you look who turned out alright?

What If I turn out to be him?
A pilot with no end nor map to begin
With no one buying seats I don't have to pretend
The Plane hasn't been anywhere worthy yet
Other planes are saying fresh paints the best bet
hide your insides and you can pretend
too much thinking and nothing gets done
What if I turn out to be...

Will you look who turned out alright?

So I find my seat next to the lepers and the liars
but they're too bored to even start fires
so they drag me out stand under lamp light
to laugh at the boys in tonight's street fight
we jump away a while and then sneak back
all the one's we call "egomaniac"
too much moving can't be all that bad
But what if I turn out to be...

Will you look who turned out alright?

Just Him.